Doubt to Do

Part Six… The Mind Gym
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If you are a regular reader of our Weekly Focus (twice weekly until mid-July), you will now understand that the Focus is very much a story around my personal journey riding an organised charity bike ride of 200 miles on the 7th/8th July.

Our Focus of last Thursday explained the importance of creating “Affirmations”. Similarly, why the correct “Self-Talk” is so vital and particularly for my challenge!

So, the science behind why it works!
The brain has nerve cells called Neurons…Amazingly, we have more neurons than there are grains of sand in the desert! So powerful! The Neurons transmit signals to dendrites in our brain. This is where the importance of self-talk kicks in and why affirmations work!

It’s the dendrites that transmit our thoughts and messages around the brain.
I often ask people how often they go to the gym and then how often they train the brain!

Consider this…Dendrites carry and transmit all our thoughts (self-talk and perceptions of reality), very powerful electrochemical forces. We have several channels- positive and negative. Quite simply, our thoughts flow most quickly through most powerful channel. The more we think of ourselves in a negative manner, the faster our negative thinking travels through our dendrites…. Becoming the most overriding thought.

So…We must change the way that the electricity is travelling! Our positive thoughts! The more and more we start to think of ourselves, by use of affirmations and self-talk in a positive light, the faster the positive electricity flows through our dendrites. The more we do this, then creates a shrinking of our negative thoughts!

Returning to the gym analogy, the more we exercise our muscles, the stronger they become…. The less we exercise them, we lose muscle tone. The transmission of our thoughts through the dendrites in our brain is no different! Work those positive thoughts…Grow them…And similarly reduce the negative thinking.

Train the brain and change your thinking!

 “What is now proved was once only imagined.” William Blake