Doubt to Do

Part Sixteen… They did- you can!
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Those of you who have been reading our Weekly Focus or the accompanying podcast, will know that this is the story of a personal journey in getting myself fit enough to ride two hundred miles over the weekend of 7th/8th July.

We often hear people say, I wish I could do that! Yet the strange thing is that few people, if any are actually born with talent…More that they find a passion and then work at it incredibly hard…So why not you!

“I wish I could do presentations like that” ….”I wish I could chair meetings like that”…And of course some months ago, many of my fellow cyclists who will be tackling the 200 mile sportive next weekend, may well have considered cycling that distance in two days to be beyond them.

Consider Trekking the Amazon River solo! or how about Jadev Payeng? Who!? The man who planted an entire forest! Jadev has spent much of his life giving back to the world and by planting an entire forest, now covering an astounding 1,360 acres. Every bamboo tree in the particular area was lovingly planted by Jadev after he witnessed the local wildlife population suffering due to a lack of shade.
Thanks to Jadev, the environment in his area is cleaner and then animals have a safer and more comfortable place to live. If one man can accomplish this on his own, just imagin what you could do!

We have choices in life…We can be dreamers or we can be doers…The difference being that the latter take action. They have dedication to their vision. In times of adversity they don’t give up. They have a belief in themselves. They create strong personal goals. They can picture the future success.

No matter what you think that you can’t do…Stop for a moment and ask yourself….”Me, yes why not me!  “They did…I can! So next time that you are chairing a meeting, or the next time that you are giving a presentation…
Plan accordingly and remember that you can!

And to my fellow cyclists…You can and we will!

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will
to become the best that you can become”

Harold Taylor