Reaching Peak Performance

And do we ever get there? Click here to listen

Much is written about Peak Performance…But what is it…And do we ever get there? The definition provided by The Psychology Dictionary is:
“A performance at the best level of a person’s physical and cognitive abilities”.

In terms of cognitive, let’s simply call that the brain drawing on its many facets and to create an optimum level of result.
Peak Performance is very much about using every bit of our ability, learning along the way, making required improvements and then creating a personal mind-set that gives the confidence & belief to perform at our very best…

By definition that then suggests that we could improve further…Or do we remain at one level of Peak Performance? Continual learning about ourselves and recognising marginal gains then comes into play.

In addition to my work, I also coach athletes. A recent article resonated with me. Smiling may help athletic performance. The grimace sometimes known as “In the zone” may not always be the best way. In any sporting arena, to be the best requires effort and determination…And some pain along the way. The fact that we grimace sends a message to the brain and reminds us of the discomfort…Smiling has the reverse effect, releasing different chemicals into the brain…Rather like smiling in the face of adversity.

Whatever our walk of life, to start the journey towards peak performance requires, self-belief, the setting of goals, creating a mind-set that works with you and not against you…All of this while creating the right “Self talk”…Your own thoughts about yourself. Understanding the tools and techniques to achieve all of this.
You also need a clear vision of what Peak Performance will look like…Both as a form of measurement and also to create a powerful picture in your mind, one that you can turn to when you need to inject yourself with a mental boost.

It also helps when you have a team around you with the same mind set, and who are all supportive of each other…Add into that a Leader who works with you, supporting you and always coaching along the journey.
Is Peak Performance a journey without end? Who knows, but you have to get on the road first.

“What you habitually think largely determines what you
will ultimately become.”

Bruce Lee