Solution Focused Discovery Session

How to climb the career ladder-
Its what you make it yourself.
We often hear the phrases, “He/She is a career politician”, or similarly “They are trying to climb the career ladder”. But surely for many, that is exactly what should be done!?

For some a job may be for altruistic reasons…For the better good of others and the thoughts of promotion never occur. But for many, the opportunity to challenge themselves and learn new skills is important to their personal development. So, what needs to happen?

  • Knowing what you want to do is a big help and should be a focus. What direction is the company taking and how can you help…What are your strengths?
  • Accept all opportunities for personal self-development. Some of this could be you taking responsibility yourself and researching books and articles that can help.
  • Look, listen & learn! Learn from those that you respect and for the right reasons!
  • Always have a positive mindset. This will be obvious to others and for the right reasons. Believe in yourself!
  • Where there are opportunities to help in ways outside of your role, take them…Getting involved in projects, mentoring more junior people etc.
  • The world is looking for Leaders. How they interact and work with teams. Similarly, each team member should interact with one another, and in a positive way…A team should be greater than the sum of the parts! Be a positive influence!
  • Always be proactive…Don’t wait for situations, be responsive!
  • Keep your CV up to date which includes logging all successes and achievements.
  • And finally, the oldest one in the book, but still valid…Be professional, smart and care about the impression that you make!
Ultimately, everything that we do and achieve in life is down to each of us as individuals. Of course, we need support, help and guidance, but if we truly want to achieve anything, it rests with number one!
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
(Abraham Lincoln)