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SF Customer Service Excellence

Going the Extra Mile! Wow now that’s a service!

I recently stayed in a Hotel in Conway. A lovely hotel and with a nice feel from the moment that I walked in! The meet and greet! The friendly smile. A genuine welcome that was sincere. Very quickly a felt at ease and relaxed!

Fast forward to the next morning. No rush to get up and a Sunday paper that would be delivered to my room. Or so I thought!

Imagine my disappointment at seeing no paper outside my door. My heart slumped!

I went to the reception, and felt better immediately. The receptionist was as breezy and charming as the day before. I explained the situation! A genuine apology and concern. Within seconds the solution was offered…”let me walk to the newsagents and buy you a paper. I was so keen aback that I replied Don’t be daft! We joked between us but the receptionist was insistent!

WOW! Now that is going the extra mile! Sadly in some organisations, the staff fails to go the first mile, let alone the extra one. No passion to be brilliant or to want to delight their customers.

There is a great story about a loyal customer of Pizza Hut who used to order pizza regularly from there. Suddenly he went absent for no reason. The Pizza Hut branch was so concerned about his wellbeing that they called him only to ask if he was fine as he didn’t order anything from them for more than two weeks. They also offered him a complementary Welcome back pizza. That customer was so happy that he shared this story on Facebook. This is undoubtedly one such example of good customer service.

Going the extra mile need to have any financial cost. Just a mentality where the staff. All of the staff want to be outstanding in the service that they offer. The raison-d’aitre.

Think about how you can go the extra mile every time and all of the time.

Returning to the missing paper! The fault after a quick internal check showed that the mistake rested with me. But that matters not to a team that go the extra mile!


There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.

Zig Ziglar