What is the magic ingredient that we need to keep going? Listen here

It’s easy to feel just a touch brow beaten right now…It’s not been a great 12 months! COVID-19 has had a huge effect on all of us and continues to. Routines changed dramatically and worry constantly with us for a number of reasons. Add that that Brexit and all of the scenes that we see across the pond in America.

So how do we keep going? It’s easy to say don’t give up…yet it’s true. Once you throw in the towel in one area of life, it’s all too easy to do so in other areas…It also damages our self-esteem.

Having a support network helps…sharing your feelings…perhaps creating small goals. Right now, these need to be small. Ones that you can tick off when you get there
You may be surprised how much you are still achieving. If you have a small “to do list”, tick off the actions at the end of the day. Perhaps add up all of your successes each week and month!

With so much uncertainty, it’s challenging to plan too far ahead. Better to break time down into smaller segments…similarly recognizing that its getting there that counts, and not the speed that you got there!
How do you eat an elephant? In bite sized chunks! Albert Einstein had two thousand attempts at inventing the light bulb…he called them glorious learning opportunities.

Taking up new hobbies can brighten up our hours…baking, reading and exercising being just three. Things that give you pleasure and stop the mind from wandering into hindering self-talk.
Let’s consider exercise…We see many programmes to help people to start running…one being “couch to 5k” …It literally gets people off the couch and with baby steps (walking), to being able to run 5k! Exercise creates energy, and when the endorphins kick in, you get the runners high!

Let’s now fast forward…Some of these new runners will run more…and a touch more! Some of them will decide to enter a marathon…the epic 26.2 miles! To get there will take many months of training, starting gradually and increasing the mileage. It’s a great example of what can be achieved, while recognizing that it’s a journey and with a huge goal at the end!

Always remember that nothing lasts forever. Things will change for the better…similarly, always remember that we can only control the controllable…Likewise that only 10% of the things that we worry about materialise…and then there are 7 billion people on the earth that we can turn to!

Help is around you…don’t ignore it!
Good things happen when you don’t give up!