What will the “future leader” need?

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Leadership skills…that often-discussed phrase! Many of the skills that we often discuss for our Leaders of today, will remain for our future Leaders, and why not! They are close to the core!
However, the world now changes faster than ever. New opportunities and obstacles suddenly appear, things that we may have not encountered before…consider the recent pandemic.

First of all, let’s consider mindset…often we will use expressions like “confident, positive, winners’ mentality”, and yes, those will always help, but consider the following.
The new leader has to be a lifelong learner…needing fresh ideas, an agile mind and being adaptable to every new change.

As technology for ever changes, and people themselves require new stimuli, the Leader will need to be able to balance both the tech needs as well as the people needs.
Expectations grow ever more, and outcomes are required more quickly. The ability to both stay in sync with your team, the business and of course yourself will become vital. There will be a need to surround yourself more than ever with a diverse range of people and naturally, skills.

As people become ever more dependent on technology…remote working develops, and business is conducted more globally and 24/7, Leaders will need to be more emotionally intelligent and thus empathetic to people’s needs…in turn, listening and communication skills will become ever more important…sometimes being aware of breaks in communication, resulting from having less face-to-face contact.

New ways of motivating and engaging your teams with less face-to-face contact, becomes more important…People may be less money motivated and will seek benefits in other ways.
Technology changes rapidly…anticipating, and embracing change will become key…but, with more data becoming available, how will you then use it?

The past has sailed, while we can learn still, anticipate what the future may hold…plan and adapt…this may be more important than change…why? Because the speed of change becomes ever more quicker!

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”
Warren Bennis