Without proper communication…

Things can become a right Royal mess! Listen here

The very current and topical situation that has behold The Royal Family is very sad to see. In simple terms, a family being split by individual actions (rightly or wrongly) and the whole affair being acted out to an audience of tens of millions.

How does this apply to us and our families/teams & business? Similarly, it’s also worth remembering that we are never alone. Whatever problems we face, there are 7 billion people on this earth. Any situation that we find ourselves facing, will have been experienced before! Never be afraid to ask for help within your network! Back to basics…Communication is king!

The Royal family is no different to any family or business. There is a hierarchical element. While teams in any enlightened organisation will be empowered, it does not mean that communication ceases!

Good Leadership will also demand an element of Emotional Intelligence…Potentially seeing problems before they escalate and nipping in the bud.
Similarly for a business to succeed, communication has to be “open & honest”…Both up and down the chain of command and with no blockage…Transparent and with a clear picture of both the now and the vision for the future!

Where pockets of an organisation start to make decisions in isolation and without consultation, it breeds mistrust and division. How different it is, where consultation occurs and decisions made collectively before any internal and/or external communication begins!

The moral? Everyone is vulnerable when consultation…Decision making and then communication does not exist. Examine your own structure and make sure that there is no blockage and that even better, that you are pro-active to possible events (an awareness) and not re-active with the likely fall out.

“In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly”.
– Mark Sanborn