You have to keep putting fuel in the tank…

And that includes your employees. Listen here

Humans have a thirst for knowledge…Imagine the curiosity of children. Always asking “why?”!! The same applies to the most valuable asset of any organisation…Its’ people.

The greatest gift that you can give your people is career development. This can come in a number of ways, including progression in the form of the role, and also development through training.
The cost of failing to develop your people comes at a high price. Morale, staff turnover, productivity and insufficient skills for the next promotion.

Consider the following:

  • By providing the right staff development programmes, you will prevent stagnation and boredom…In themselves and in the company! Invigorated teams are productive and furthermore what is the cost of labour turnover?
  • Often we recruit people because we can see the potential. No one is the finished article. The only way to develop the raw talent into a gleaming nugget of gold is through their development…Often in 121 discussions.
  • In The UK, only some 40% of staff are happy in their work! So over half of the employees are not…recruitment only covers vacancies and growth. It’s incumbent that we recognise the often untapped potential and resource sitting right in front of us. What a shame that we don’t better consider lighting the bulb of the 60%!
  • If that figure is fairly constant, work out what a competitive edge the enlightened employers would have if they grasped the nettle relating to the 60% while also further developing the 40%!
  • Employee advocacy to friends and family is one of the greatest free marketing strategies known.  It’s within your grasp once you recognise all of the benefits of a proper L&D programme.

Growing your sales and productivity may be simpler than you realise!
Though the potential benefits of providing ongoing employee training and development are substantial, sadly some organisations don’t have a clear L&D Programme in place. This then fails to provide either a career path or the correct learning.

Fail to develop your teams at your peril.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty”
Henry Ford